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Information technology is a very vast sector mainly branched out in two, IT services and business process outsourcing (BPO). Software development is the fundamental part of IT services. Software development in whole is a very interesting process which involves activities like documentation, computer programming, testing, bug fixing, maintaining the code, walkthroughs, frameworks, etc. Speaking broadly, it pretty much involves anything and everything that lies in between the inception of the product till its manifestation. Software development is a major part of IT services. With the healthy growth in information technology, the importance of software development is realised by companies and businesses.

As the dependency on the software has increased many folds in the recent past, this has resulted in a huge market for software. Software development companies are huge in number but there are a few which provide relevant and out of box solutions. And Bestech Solutions is one such solution providing company.

Web applications are software programs that are coded in a common web browser supported language and are deployed over the internet or the intranet. Due to the growing popularity of the internet and the availability of faster bandwidth each passing day, web applications are gaining wider acceptance. Web applications use the principles of web designing with emphasis on the functionality. To be really useful, web applications must offer an attractive GUI and simple, intuitive navigation that let their users do things with minimum efforts and time. Web applications are gaining in popularity because of ease of update and maintenance. Some of the common web applications include e-commerce websites, webmail and all the other dynamic websites.

Our Main Domain

  • E-Commerce  E-Commerce
  • Finance and Banking institutions  Finance and Banking Softwares
  • CMS  CMS Websites/Portals
  • Database driven websites  Database Driven Websites
  • Online Educational and learning websites  Online Educational Softwares
  • Flash/multimedia based interactives  Flash/Multimedia Based Interactives