Introduction to ANDROID

Android is an open source and Linux-based operating system for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Android was developed by the Open Handset Alliance, led by Google, and other companies. This tutorial will teach you basic Android programming and will also take you through some advance concepts related to Android application development.

Android is an open source and Linux-based Operating System for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Android was developed by the Open Handset Alliance, led by Google, and other companies.

Android offers a unified approach to application development for mobile devices which means developers need only develop for Android, and their applications should be able to run on different devices powered by Android.

The first beta version of the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) was released by Google in 2007 where as the first commercial version, Android 1.0, was released in September 2008.

On June 27, 2012, at the Google I/O conference, Google announced the next Android version, 4.1 Jelly Bean. Jelly Bean is an incremental update, with the primary aim of improving the user interface, both in terms of functionality and performance.

The source code for Android is available under free and open source software licenses. Google publishes most of the code under the Apache License version 2.0 and the rest, Linux kernel changes, under the GNU General Public License version 2.

Course Content and Syllabus for ANDROID Training in Allahabad

  • Module 01: The Android family
  • Module 02: Overview of Android and Android SDK
  • Module 03: History of Android
  • Module 04: Android features
  • Module 01: Introduction to OS layers
  • Module 02: Linux kernel
  • Module 03: Libraries
  • Module 04: Android Runtime
  • Module 05: Application framework
  • Module 01: System requirements
  • Module 02: Eclipse and SDK installation, AVD creation
  • Module 03: Creating first Android application
  • Module 04: Project Structure
  • Module 01: Android application building blocks
  • Module 02: Activating components
  • Module 03: Shutting down components
  • Module 04: Life Cycle of Application
  • Module 05: Development tools, Manifest File
  • Module 06: Life Cycle of Activity
  • Module 01: View Hierarchy and Layouts
  • Module 02: UI Events
  • Module 03: Building Menus
  • Module 04: Notifying users
  • Module 05: Creating dialogs
  • Module 06: Graphics & Animations
  • Module 01: Activity
  • Module 02: Services
  • Module 03: Content Providers
  • Module 04: Broadcast Receivers
  • Module 01: Overview of Android Resources
  • Module 02: Creating Resources
  • Module 03: Using Resources
  • Module 04: Drawable Resources
  • Module 05: Animation Resources
  • Module 01: Shared Preferences
  • Module 02: Internal Storage (Files)
  • External Storage(SD Card)
  • SQLite Databases
  • Module 01: Playing audio/video
  • Module 02: Media recording
  • Module 03: Blue tooth
  • Module 04: WiFi
  • Module 05: Camera
  • Module 06: TelephonyManager
  • Module 07: Location Services
  • Module 08: Google Maps
  • Module 00: Deploying Android Application on Device
  • Module 01: Development
  • Module 02: Unit Testing
  • Module 03: Deployment
  • Module 04: Documentation

Summer & Winter Training For Computer Science Students

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Eligibility of ANDROID Training

  • MCA/B.Tech/BE/BCA in Computer Science Engineering
  • Diploma in Computer Science Engineering
  • Master in Computer Science Engineering

Mode & Duration

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